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Pastors Harold & Lori: God called Pastors Harold and Lori in ministry several years ago and they both served in worship ministry at churches all over Texas. In 2007, The Lord called them to music ministry as they formed their band, first called "Cookin With Grace" and later renamed "Justified By Faith Band". Together with their band, they toured cowboy and country churches with their original "Cowboy Gospel" music and message. In 2009, The Holy Spirit began speaking to them about full time ministry and a move toward planting a church in South TX. They responded to the calling and the Lord said "not yet". So... they waited for His timing. He called them south in 2016. The Ranch was ultimately planted in August 2017. They began in their little living room in Edna and then moved to the local boat store and now meet weekly at their current location near the old Jackson County Fairgrounds, 128 CR 119 S (Fairground Road - behind the old KC Hall). They are Shepherd Pastors and their heart for the lost, the hungry, the thirsty, naked, imprisoned, and broken is what drives their church. Every body's welcome. Our motto is "Come As You Are!" God loves us enough to meet us right where we are and loves us even more to move us and change us as He sees fit!