Bible Study: Sermon Sortin' happens every Wednesday evening 6 pm - 8 pm. Join us for fellowship and a meal then dig in to the message that goes deep into the message brought on Sundays by Pastor Harold.  Pastor Lori leads the Bible Study discussion. Every body's welcome! Child care is provided on Wednesday evenings. Every body's welcome! 


Round Pen: Round Pen meets on Sunday mornings 9 am - 9:45 am in the Tack Room, October through April. Every body's welcome!


War Room: The War Room is open on Thursday mornings at 9 am for focused prayer. Every body's welcome!


Partners4Life: The Ranch Marriage Ministry. Our ministry starts at home with our spouses. P4L also hosts a spring retreat for married couples. All married couples are welcomed!


Pillars Men: Our Men's Ministry is called Pillars Men. We believe our pillars need to be on a firm foundation, then study and strong to hold us our households as Christ-following men. Pillars Men also have a Pillars Men Conference every September. Every body's welcome! 


REAL Women: Women's Ministry at The Ranch is about being, well... REAL: Relationships, Encouragement, Authenticity, and Laughter is what knits us together!  Our REAL Women Conference takes place every February. - and of course - Every body's welcome! 


The Bunkhouse & Kids Korral: The Bunkhouse is a brief in-service message for The Ranch Kiddos. We are writing the Word of God on our hearts each Sunday and encouraging Scripture memorization. Our Ranch kids are well cared for and taught God's Word in age appropriate groups: 0-3 Nursery, Lil Wranglers: 4-6, Buckaroos: 7-9 and Cowpokes: 10-12


Food & Clothing Pantry: The Ranch is blessed to offer food and clothing to our Jackson County Residents in need. We believe in giving with no strings attached. We are open on Tuesdays 10 am - 2 pm, Fridays 2 pm - 5 pm, and Saturdays by appointment only.  Contact The Ranch for more information..


Arena Ministry:  Coming Soon!